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Hi, James Maxwell here.

I’m the owner and operator of Cenla Home Inspections and I wanted to personally thank you for stopping by my website and learning a bit more about me, my business and the home inspection services I provide.

People feel more comfortable when they feel they “know” the person they are doing business with. This is definitely the case when it comes to the exhausting and stressful process of buying or selling a house. Appraisers, agents, inspectors and attorneys are often involved in the process and often times you don’t know if your dealing with a real person, a business or a computer.
For me, it has always worked best to tell all my potential clients directly… I am the only one you will be dealing with. This is my privately owned company and I do everything myself from inspecting the homes and creating the reports. Un-like major Home Inspection franchises were often times it’s a team of people working on the home and sometimes the actual home inspector doesn’t even write the inspection report. With me… this is definitely not the case. I am doing the inspection and writing all the reports, and Most Importantly I am the guy answering the phone if you have a question after the inspection.

I am licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors and have been in business for over 8 years. I have personally inspected over 2000 houses and commerical buildings. I am the only inspector to offer thermal imaging inspections in the central Louisiana area, a Licensaed Termite Inspector, I’m insured and compliant with all Louisiana Home Inspection laws and regulations.

I know closing on a home can often times be a very stressful situation and I don’t want the home inspection process to add any additional stresses to you. My home inspection is a 2-4 hour complete overview of the homes major systems and components – I’ll note any major faults and deficiencies and all my digital time photos are included on the report. My past clients have told me that the best thing about my Home Inspection service is my completely downloadable report delivered within 24 hours after the inspection is complete.

My main goal has always been to deliver a high-quality home inspection and do it every time. Consistency is the key and I am a “consistency” kind-of-guy. I want my clients to get the same satisfaction every time they hire me as their home inspector.

Again… Thank you for visiting cenlahomeinsepctionns.com website and considering me as your inspector. If you have any questions,

feel free to contact me anytime
at cenlahomeinspection@yahoo.com
by contacting me James Maxwell La# 10496 anytime at 318-447-3106.

Areas Serviced: Alexandria, Pineville, Ball, Pollock, Colfax, Marksville, Simmsport, Bunkie, Leesville, Lecompte, Woodworth, Forrest Hill, Oakdale, Jena, Ferriday, Whitehall, Jonesville, Natchitoches and all other Central Louisiana Areas

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